Announcing WDL 1.1.2

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Announcing WDL 1.1.2 Release

The OpenWDL community is pleased to announce the release of Workflow Description Language (WDL) 1.1.2!

This is a small release with only a few clarifications to the WDL 1.1 specification:

  • It is now explicitly stated that boolean expressions have “short-circuiting” behavior, i.e.
    • For A && B, if A evalutes to false then B is not evaluated.
    • For A || B, if A evaluates to true then B is not evaluated.
  • It is now explicitly stated that the read_boolean function is case-insensitive.
  • It is now stated that the Union type that was introduced in WDL 1.1.1 is also the type of runtime attributes that accept multiple types of values (e.g. memory, which an accept an Int or String).
  • Clay McLeod contributed a PR to improve the descriptions of tasks and workflows to make it explicit the number of times each element is allowed.
  • We added to the RFC guidelines that every signficant addition or change to the specification now requires accompanying test cases to be accepted.

If you find other areas of the specification that you think need improvement, we welcome issues and pull requests.